The practice was set up by Erez Kedem, attorney at law and MBA.

The Erez Kedem Legal Practice Specializes in Insurance Consulting and Risk Management. We established our practice in order to provide highly specialized service to a few chosen clients. The importance of this specialized and reliable service is considered to be of utmost importance in the world.

About us

The practice was established by Erez Kedem, attorney at law and MBA. My decision to establish an insurance consulting practice was a natural continuation of my long years of experience as an attorney holding senior positions in leading insurance agencies. My responsibilities centered on elementary and liability insurance from both insurance and legal perspectives. 

Our specialty is consultation and risk management in elementary and liability insurance such as: professional liability insurance, product liability insurance and Directors and Officer\'s liability insurance. Our clients include high-tech companies, companies traded on stock markets in Israel and around the world, holding companies, financial bodies, construction firms, retailers and industrial firms. In addition, I confronted many situations, on an almost daily basis, that convinced me that it is not enough that the client spend his hard earned money on insurance. He should also receive the right advice – objective and independent – regarding the insurance policy in question as well as advice that pertains to policies other than the standard ones the insurance companies offer.
It is necessary to study the client’s business and to customize a policy that will provide him with the necessary safeguards when needed.

Areas of Expertise

• Consultation and risk management of elementary and liability insurance.
• The ability to discern the risks and exposures the client might face.
• Constructing an insurance package suitable to the client’s risks and exposures.
• Professional and legal shepherding of the client throughout the duration of the insurance.
• Proper wording of insurance certificates of approval and clauses pertaining to responsibility.
• Ongoing legal counsel in the fields of insurance.
• Conducting negotiations with public authorities as well as private bodies.

Our office works in cooperation with the finest insurance agents, leading brokers, the principal insurance companies in the field, appraisers and investigators as well as dealing with legal suits in cooperation with the foremost law firms.
We would be happy to see you as our customers and to give you a real client experience.
We pledge professional, reliable and efficient service the likes of which you have not yet experienced.

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